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Posted: July 5, 2014 in Uncategorized


This is the way the world works
You give and they take, you give again
To the hearts that still break
Simply get a stone and save your soul

Square Pegs, round holes…Misfits
The lot of us walking in a perfect world
If every mushroom cloud has a silver lining
Best sit and wait for the sun’s peeping rays

In a world like this…our fragile hearts believed
Losing all we had, the things we lost in the fire
I could rant all day, melancholy my fuel
What good would it do, a dying world that hates itself?

I would take a salty sip and talk about my dreams
They have all come true, but i do not even sense it
With every height attained, two more await
Will this climb ever end, will the mountain ever succumb?

Going to sleep in Heavens arms, placing my cares aside
The promise of a soft and sweet slumber
Waking up to the screeching earthly sounds
Everyone is filling the earth with noise, what are they talking about?

The Aventurine.



Posted: June 26, 2014 in Uncategorized


Tossing and turning, my earth has stopped its spin
Sleep is a stranger and the night even stranger still
My brain wont let me be, my mind wont let me sleep
Until i have put these restless thoughts to sleep on a sheet

While you were gone, i watched a flower bloom in a darkroom
Watching and waiting in vain for your rays
I saw the sepals stretch and the petals yawn
Beauty in the dark, the Black Swan.

And When my mind ran off in haste to you
My thoughts did not even break a sweat
Because you were always in my head
Leaving one too many pieces of you in my bed

I was your willing slave, with no resistance
I sailed the world with you, always below the decks
Never good enough for the open seas
But i remained faithful with never a thought of mutiny

When you were lost, i reached out to you
Against all odds i fought hard for you
Losing my soul and the very essence of my being
I watched my pride fade and my ego wash away

You are all that’s bad for me, with you around
I cannot eat, I cannot sleep, I cannot dream
I cannot see, I cannot feel, I cannot live
With you gone there is nothing but emptiness and a chill.

In my primitive mind all i see is your complex smile
I cannot form the words so i lean over and scratch on walls
This is my hieroglyph, carved out in the pyramids of my heart
The world would hear my story, the makings of history.

The Aventurine.


Posted: June 22, 2014 in Uncategorized


Life is a four lettered word
The most precious of all gifts…Priceless
All the earth’s riches could not afford
Fragile, our very existence is a gamble

Love is a four lettered word
The greatest feeling of all…Magic
To the lucky ones who have felt its touch
Walking to the ends of the earth is a piece of cake

Pain is a four lettered word
The most intense of all emotions…Frightening
It pierces sharp and sure like a double edged sword
Tearing you apart, limb from limb

Hope is a four lettered word
The greatest promise of all…Uplifting
In its embrace, we face this cold and cruel world
Swimming against the tides and walking on sinking sand

The Aventurine.