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I know what your love tastes like:

blood. bones. poison. slowly dying.

me falling fast into clouds and tasting earth

me becoming a memory at sunset bleeding across the sky

me rising. me hoping. me falling again.



Posted: February 25, 2017 in Melancholia
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Painful throes rise and crash against her skin

as her breath shudders, stutters and rhymes

jaundiced eyes struggle to stay awake as she holds

my hands in a grip, firm but yet loose

a contrast of palms. Irony in five fingers

I feel her pulse, slowly fading to  dust
I peel open her skin, dive into her bones

Almost drown but then reach out to her veins

I taste the layers so tender and torn, she tilts at my touch

A battle rages white and then red. No bad blood yet

I lose myself to the currents, the painful tides

Of a war that is everything but won
Half drunk on her bones, I break open her marrow

The hollow is deafening, the imagery is vivid

Rogue leucocytes murder erythrocytes before my eyes

The rebellion of cells, a ruthless crusade

An avalanche of pain, the invasion of blasts

A white knight sworn to protect through the night
I wade through her marrow and discover a rose

Mottled, wilted and dying for breath

Petals hold songs that could have been

Songs are just words without rhythm

Words are letters absent meaning

Letters are lines seeking purpose

Lines are lonely and lost

Lonely is she

on the EKG

L3tt3r III

Posted: February 25, 2017 in Melancholia
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Dear selfish woman,
I have written you 4 letters I will never send, 

Purged from a poor place, 

The wealth of words weakens me. 

I have written you down in hopes that you will live forever, 

In hopes that you will make amends. 

You are breaking, after several refusals to bend.

This is a cliff, I am holding a knife behind your back, 

Please, count to ten. First four figures are forfeitures, 

You were the one and more, 

but the two of us seem to not know what trees are for. 

See this as pleading the fifth, as imagining the splatter whilst I peek gleefully from the peak. Enjoy the experience.

This is hoping you fall head first, and land on your dick. 


Posted: December 4, 2016 in Melancholia
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If thou be at all

Be a blade

Cut through it

This cape of injustice

Sober indifference

Let it flow


Trickle into the earth

Threaten to form a rivulet


A mother’s tears,

Crystal and iridescent

One drop in an ocean of sand

Watch it grow

Diseased seeds-

Of terror and unrest

Dry, parched and-

Dying of thirst, we will all drown


Reckless abandon

To the-

Silent screams of-

Our womanhood lost in Chibok





Posted: October 11, 2016 in Melancholia
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Your eyes wear mascara lines

Open them and free the lashes

Unclad, my emotions lay bare

Calm my athletic pulse

A butterfly sheds its cocoon

No tears wanderlust

Cold winds tell a tale of betrayal

Hasty promises and broken dreams

As I fall head first into indifference

Nature favors the dice, a cruel game

Grow little seed grow, die and then grow

Etched on walls, scribbles of the lovelorn

Tell me you will

Hold me closer still

Each flaw I wear on my sleeve

Window panes mirror her pain

And as sure as the sky is blue

You know that every word is true

I will hold my breath for you

Till sepals stretch and petals yawn

Echo, echo remains

No words, even the wind holds

Desperately I trust to hope

Stay, I will stay…she whispers





Posted: August 14, 2016 in Melancholia
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Beneath your skin,

Dark and lovely connubial vials

Hold ancient songs buried in liquid deep

A serenade in the Serengeti

A sunrise on distant hills

Shedding light on black and white

A myriad of hopes drown in murky waters

As my soul holds yours against the tides

We are the color on our skin, they said

But we shed red rivers when our heart is bled

The tears in your eyes form stalactites

As a wall of paint stands between you and I

Watch me wander through pigments

Trading ambivalence, lost in your essence

To the giggles in their glances and gossip

Color me blind, paint me deaf and let me pass




I am the black,

The humus deep within the earth,

The life and succor to a dying seed

The hope of a thousand souls that draw breath
Melanin in tears trickle into the earth,

At the same spot where our humanity bled

Is that resentment you wear on your eyelids,

For a coat of epidermis I didn’t choose myself?
I am not the victim,

When the rains have had their fill

And the sun is bold enough to smile again

The lustrous sheen on my skin is there for all to see
In lives lost and sticky blood stains,

With mourning and sorrowful screaming

I cry in widows and orphans made,

In siblings lost and the lovers torn apart. 
Retribution comes in eleven shades of grey

An eye for an eye, justice can take a walk

Which lives really matter more?

When a bullet settles a bullet score
© Aventurine