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Ibiye, I want to unlearn you,

the way your braid tip strokes the small of your back

and wakes the bashful gooseflesh above your waist beads.
Your ribs are a trebuchet beneath your breasts

pulling your heart to and away from me,

launching indifference at a million revs per second.
Your eyelids, a honey comb of dying bees.
Love should not blow hot and cold,
it is not a stone lost in the desert storm,
a hotplate at noon, an ice cube at midnight.
The road to your heart is a bamboo raft, moss-ridden and termite infested.

A farce of a bridge over a running stream racing towards it brothers at Ogbia,

Running late for the conclave
I am no good with words,

I am not Belema whose tongues rolls into a river dance when he woos the girls.
A damsel each festival and they are none the wiser.
My lips are black and protuberant from the songs I want to sing you

but bite back each time I see you with him.
Fingers entwined like reckless vines squeezing my throat and crushing my wind pipe.

No songs from this one.
Oh Ibiye, love is a song stuck on November’s lips.

A stillborn strangled in its sleep by a placenta that promised upkeep.
If I kept record of every pebble flung into the river in rage

to drown out the throbbing ache in my chest,

I’d have a mountain named after you beneath the waves.
I will not be a remnant, an aftertaste, when the honey has had its fill of your lips.
He is no good for you
I can tell, with the way hubris buoys his cheeks
His tone, an octave higher as he offers the regale, tales of how he smashed into you
and watched your twin towers crash into a rubble of rivers
Grains of stained sand and broken earth, convulsion and not so subtle moans

of his name and then mine in whispers of innocence lost.
He is no good for you,
I can tell because he is my brother and we share our father’s name.




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…for Ivory and the nights we could not recover.


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Static, the air in the room is electric

The hands on the clock are stuck

In time between present and future’s past

As i sit and stare at this familiar stranger

With a speckle of gray on his crown

Eyes that mirror mine and a knowing smile

Lines carved by age and experiences on his face

A thousand thoughts blur my vision

Did love find us? Did it taste like strawberries?

Or moonlight and happy thoughts?

Does Olenna have her mother’s eyes? Is she as imagined?

Did our dreams come true? Will they remember us?

Did we make the right choices? Will i lose my smile?

Will the dimple walk away from my giggle?

Did we make Mamina proud? Did we do right by her?

Did we trade her ashes for beauty? Stand by her?

Forge a phoenix from her pain? Man-up where dad didn’t?

Will we conquer the words? Do they listen to us?

Will I be ok? Will i watch the sunset on the mountain?

Did the world lose itself to the terror it bred? Will we heal?

With eyes wide shut and a heart heavy with longing

I exhale and mutter just one

Dear Efe,

Was it worth it?




Posted: August 24, 2016 in Euphoria
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No Poetry could…

Describe the beads of sweat,

That form rivulets on Lamy’s back like dew.

Explain how joy overflows

In tears from eyes that have held sadness.

Fathom how a beating heart

Fragile in its beat holds promise of tomorrow.

Describe how the waking sun

Rises from the east and paints the fields crimson

Explain why the moon’s reflection,

Dances on the ocean as the fisherman casts his net

Fill memories with rhythm,

Gift letters the wings to flutter on melody’s strings

Tame the wildfire desire sparks

In her eyes as she lays firmly in my arms

Unlock the stanzas in my soul,

As your name holds like an anaphora on a loop

But this Poetry should



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Gravity heaves,
Lifts its head and stares

The glorious rapture

We transcend
It waits, and waits…

For the shortness of breath

As a rush of air fills our lungs

And the blue in the sky dances

Tango and a foxtrot on our iris
It waits, and waits…

For the flicker in our eyes

The subtle gleam in the gloom

As wind snatches tears from our lids

The chaos in our stars

Sounds of glorious celestial melee
It waits,

Grows impatient

Reaches out and then holds.



Posted: July 30, 2016 in Euphoria
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She grips with broken lips

In the full glare of blackened eyes

Clumsy gait of sheltered pain

Celebrated as amazing grace

She is Oya deep beneath


For the sake of little ones bears

Furtive glances of kinsmen

Whispered songs of hateful friends

Scuttlebut sold cheaply in the market square
Down the connubial vale he shepherds her

Where villainous whips

Curl like mascara starched lashes

Foundation deep in age-long tales

Of heroines like thralls enrobed    

Honoring streams that flow in the dark

Tears drunk in a goblet of gavage 

For a prize precious as dust

Oya took it all in stride
Not anymore!

She grips, today, with the shield of her mind

Deep as the ditch

Waiting for that goon who  dare.



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Echo remains where,

Hearts used to beat

Laughter filled the air

Songs had wings

Skies had rainbows

Rivers held fish

Mountains stood proud

Trees danced a tune

Winds blew the flute

Dawn stayed too long

Dusk was a myth

Kisses held fire

Eyes mirrored desire

Dreamers found sleep

Wayfarers had maps

Bosom was full

Lips tasted like dew

Deserts had oasis

Oldies told stories

Fairy tales held truth

Tyrants were just babies

Lives held meaning

Echo remains where,

Love was true

I had you.

© Aventurine