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ICARUS IV (Hubris)

Posted: April 22, 2017 in DELPHIC
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the birds that fly over the sea

Can you see me soar?

Rising with reckless abandon,

the sole of my feet is a crown-

on the head of the eagle, regal in flight.

The wind is a wave washing over my hair,

as I tear through bashful clouds.

The earth beneath my feet is a dream once had

The beat of my wings is a song,

a discordant melody of time racing by

to conquer heaven-

a siren’s call.

Words of a loving father echo in my head,

the blue in the sky steals across my eyes,

taunting my transcendence,

why taste the clouds if you will not drink the sun?

Are there any chains on you as well?

Little bird flying over the deep blue sea



Posted: April 16, 2017 in DELPHIC
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The feathers on our back

Drops of Jupiter, weave and wax

Break free these

Mental chains


Glorified stains

Ways of the humble slave

As I trade my darkness

For a touch and a whisper

The warm sweet caress of the sun

Blackness radiates

A triumph of melanin



A glean-

Of stray keratin

A promise in the stars

The constellation on my back

Freedom’s blueprint to gravity’s flaw

A tribute to feathers that have our backs 


The fruits of our youth, wild and free

Take heed the call of mortar and walls

too high to get over.

I watch the son rise

the allure of sunray

as they rub against fluffy clouds

or self esteem

too low to get under

and imbue the blackness



In a liquid sleep.

I watch my son set-

his wings,

a dance to the tune in the wind.

You cannot unlearn these words,

betrayal is rife in Crete.

Stay safe in the middle

and cherish the fruits of your own youth


the freedom in the sky

Are you as I imagined?

A bird of roses,

clouds and feather bed.

In my dungeon,

darkness holds-

the seeds of a dream,

a broken husk,

the echo of brothers lost.


I have stars,

little black stars

on my back.

These many scars

map out a constellation,

to the eleven shades of craven

There is freedom in the sky



You want to watch it burn?

You long to rip the clouds from their beds

Empty out rivers in volcano and raze the trees

You want to bring it all down?

Tear down their false gods and ideals

Crucify the infidel and birth forth chaos

You want to bathe in their blood?

Drown in their screams and torment

Rain down a storm of bombs and bullets


Pick up your guns,

Gather up arms and take position

Say a prayer to god and let your aim be true

When that is done, let rip an army of bullets

Set the charges,

Place each at the ends of the earth

Whisper beneath your breath a curse on them

Then pull the trigger, Inferno will feed tonight

Raid their temples,

Pillage the traditions they cherish

Take off their heads and hold them high

Run through their villages singing songs of war

Watch before your very eyes,

Your bullets burst into a million butterflies

As beauty rises from ashes, love from hate

And the caterpillar sheds its myopic cocoon

As the bombs go off in words,

In dialogues of peace punctuated with tolerance

To tell a story of the beauty in every religion

That life is a priceless and precious gift to all

As you take off their heads,

Peer into it and study their beautiful mind

See the rainbow in their thoughts and bask in it

Find the treasure in their stories and songs.

© Aventurine





While we are looking

To a wall in the North

Bracing for the walkers

On a frozen white chariot

Are we all together oblivious?

There is a storm brewing at Dorne

When dragons play clouds

Fire rains down in torrents

And herdsmen play assassins

With a herd of cattle as shield

We would run to the burning light

If only we had enough fuel for flight.

When the war is done

And the warriors are lost

Ash and soot settle like dust

On a broken and bloody Throne

A beggar picks up the rusty crown

Adorns his head and sits king for a day.


The Aventurine.


Posted: March 30, 2016 in DELPHIC
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A parliament divided, the nation in flight
When death came in hoots, we stepped aside.

A mother laughs when her tears are spent
Blood and smoke creates a perfect collage.

A flame still flickers for the silent screams
The ghosts of her womanhood lost in Chibok.

Before our very eyes, they steal our skies
Feeding us the blackness of night at dawn.

Harbingers of ill-omen, watchers of the night
Witness us, humanity dies and we do not cry.

Let the mourners mourn, We will drink their tears
When the earth has had its fill, we will drown in it.

Hold our eroding souls with migrating principles,
As we watch fragments of our dreams wash away.


A bird with a broken wing still heeds the call
To taste the wind and bask in warm sunny rays

A wind of change with more wind than change
A choice buffet of rotten meat and rancid milk.

Pessimism is handed out with outstretched arms
Optimism, now that’s a luxury we cannot afford.

Oh if we could see the world from an owl’s eyes
We are all like little stars twinkling in the dark.

With our virtues leached as the sands in Bauchi
The world watches our feeble attempt at flight

The skies beckon as the evening breeze nudges
The sun blushes as we lift off and break heights.


The Aventurine.