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Posted: February 3, 2016 in Dark Poetry


We lay on the grimy,black beach
Watched the water reflect the sky many-mooned
Dreaming dreams beyond our reach
As divers dove and crickets crooned

There we lay,mostly bare,Bomon and I
Luckless and lovestruck striplings of the spills
Clutching firmly to joys on which we could rely
The crowded beach with its many thrills

The divers dove into the water
Arose, drenched in the pool of poisoned blood
The clan had killed their only daughter
To avenge an invisible god

We held on happily to our fond memories
Determined that the more the poison spread
The more we secured our treasuries
So that the hearts lived with the land dead.




Posted: September 26, 2014 in Dark Poetry


The pull your essence exerts
Is truly problematic
Like wolves lulled on a Full Moon
Roots of the true lunatic
The source of my insomnia
Is surgically found out
Like a nine inch harpoon
Finds an eleventy stone trout

Will you “salva mea”?
Would you then leave me sane?
Will this tunnel vision
Of heavenly views wane?
This dance of adulation
Gets far too Danse Macabre
Even more Dance of Death
Than rocket-fuel and fire

I do want to be excised
Or wait… I do not know
Maybe I love this quagmire
I’ve also come to loathe
But wait, I see the Rubicon
Saving has to be now
On what is still worth saving
Lest “is” becomes “once was”.



At birth is where it begins,
A first of many sins.
A suckling babe, no matter where,
With innocence lost, will shed a tear.

Life, our second sin,
A frail and fickle thing.
Days become years, we live,
Mocking fate, we believe.

Love, our third sin,
We ought to trash in a bin.
We dream, we care,
Just worship, why do we dare?

Pride, the step before the fall,
A fading hope rekindled at death’s call,
I seek redemption in life’s foggy mist,
But arrogance is in my sin’s list.

Rebellion,the inevitable choice to make,
The orders of others, I will not take.
Questioning all, raising every doubt,
I see no reason to look further out.

Death, our last sin, surrender and die,
That dark monster, cunning and sly.
A fitting climax to many a lie,
Release my soul to oblivion and fly.



Posted: July 27, 2014 in Dark Poetry


He stands still, waiting and watching
Cold hard intent blurring his vision
His mind is crystal and iridescent
His one true purpose defies reason

He walks the dark and lonely alley
Left out in the cold yet again
He shudders as teardrops turn to ice
Time has taught him nothing

He listens and hears the echo of footfalls
He braces himself, any moment now
Hard metal pressed against the small of his back
He holds his breath and waits for his prey

He walks the dark and lonely alley
Loving and Losing, a swing and a miss
Loki stands amused holding cupid’s bow
He feels drained, the steps are heavy

He steps out of the shadow, gun in hand
Blocking the path of his victim
His eyes are blood shot, adrenaline and the rush
He drinks the fear that pours from the other’s eyes

He looks into their eyes, barrel and predator
Finding sympathy in none, he breaks a sweat
He searches for the words, there are none
His life flashes before him, the end beckons

His pulls down his hood and stares at the other
The resemblance is uncanny, one and the same
He stares at himself, despicable and weak
He closes his eyes, inhales and pulls the trigger

He watches as he is about to take his own life
The cold breath pours from him, his last
He licks his parched lips, shuts his eyes and mind
He does not see the sound or hear the light

He opens his eyes and watches in awe
His victim bursts into a thousand pieces
Each piece with wings that stretch and flutter free
He watches in awe, a Murder of Crows.

The Aventurine.


Posted: July 19, 2014 in Dark Poetry


These words you are about to read
Are the claws that strangle my tortured soul
I waltz recklessly into a street fight
Feeling like Ken and Ryu overcome by dark Hado

The arrows have pierced you deep within
And your soul is bleeding
I can taste the warmth of life, blood on my lips
That leaves you cold and breathless

Another dip in Oblivion’s deep
The blackness holds a sooting warmth
A welcome respite from the cold
The hateful chill that marks the limbo of indifference

The black has taken over my heart
Spreading gently, one cell at a time
Till it engulfs my entire body
Can you not see it ebb from my pen into these sheets?

I plug my earphones in to drown out my misery
Watching the devil dance as an angel sings out of tune
I have taken an unwelcome detour
The Cemetery gates are left ajar

I take a dusty seat on the broken pavement
Pull out my flute and blow with the wind
The undead rise to these broken tunes
And make their way towards the hidden runes

I feel like Scar, watching the fear in Mufasa’s eyes
As i fling you head first off this cliff
It is not hate that fuels my deed, no
Something more serene does the trick

The earth spins anti-clockwise, why?
A man’s life is fading as another pulls the trigger
In a word of mad recklessness
I find peace and a piece writing in a darkened room.

The Aventurine.


Posted: March 27, 2014 in Dark Poetry


Pride, bright and blinding
Dressed in a cloak so majestic
The rainbow turns pink and ducks in shame
The First born, truly Regal
Glory drunk you challenged the sun
To shiny contest and fell in flawless defeat
What Hubris, surely good judgement had fled
Fool hardy, you overstepped putting a foot wrong
Pride and the Fall, Lovers forever entwined

Wrath, Fiery and Volatile
A raging storm trapped in a bottle
Ire and Rage, your loyal minions
Your blond hair lights up in flames
Slits for eyes let out lighting
And your voice roars in thunder as you torch the hearts of men
When you walk, ash and death
Thats all that is left
Your kiss can make insane
In Blind madness, you miss the destruction that lies in wait.

Lust, Sensuous and Terrible in seduction
You lips, they taste like apples…the poisoned kind
Your hair, ebon and thick…the color of death
Your oiled body sleek and shiny
Men fight to get a hold, you stay elusive as the evening breeze
Your voice, softly flavored with milk and coated in honey
Unfairly placed beside you, the sirens sound like ugly shrills
The fall of the Mighty is sport to you
Samson rolls over on his grave
You lead the part to glorious destruction, offering a sweet death…insidious in effect.

Envy, the three eyed little monster
Green from crown to feet
An extra eye to gaze on that which is another’s
Like the grass on the other side,
Greener but never yours to graze
Covetousness, your ally
When the green comes over you
Wild thoughts fill your mind like a bed of weeds
Dark and Pungent, you reek of sin

Greed, the monsters twin
Enough is not Enough, there is always more
To ignite a hunger in the midst of your feast
Like a drowning man dying of thirst
And so you take and spare no thought for another
You eat the fruit…seed, leaf and all
The hungry earth lays wretched in your wake
When all is said and done…emptiness walks your halls.

Gluttony, a gaping orifice that is never shut
You live for meat and the mead
More to waste than to sate
We can only eat so much.
Stunted legs, bald head and a protruding belly
You walk, a grotesquerie of some sort
Always at war with satiety, the hungry lie about your door
Lean, battered and broken, more bones than meat
Still you slop your cup, refusing to spill a drop.
When the thorns and nails of life sprout from your bed
The life is snuffed out you, meat in hand and wine on lips

Sloth, last of the sibs, a slob
Pampered and buttered, a finger you will not lift
Procrastination finds comfort in your bed
Lying next to sluggish you
Slow and Heavy you saunter through Life
Only you can find peaceful sleep in its madhouse
You snore and slur your spittle
Drenching a bed too soaked to offer warmth and comfort
You have desultory thoughts and dreams aimlessly dreams
Of ways to return to a sleep you never quite woke up from
Rest easy, Lazy
Death comes upon you in a chariot, on the flaming wings of hunger and suffering
Sleep sweet, Lazy.

The Aventurine.


Posted: March 17, 2014 in Dark Poetry


What wrong have i wrought?
Its the Light who left you
And i who chose to stay
Yet i am the one to blame

You blame me because of the creatures i harbor
None other would have them
It is in my goodwill i offer them succor

If Light is everything bright and beautiful
Where does that leave me?
Before him, i was…u know
Is there no good in me?

I remind you fragile things to sleep
Lest you lose yourselves
Waste in exhaustion
Leaving bones to reap the harvest

Would the seed sprout without dying?
There is no life absent death
Will a coin tossed to the skies not fall?
There is no Up absent down

Summer and Winter, Fire and Ice
Cold and Warmth, Day and Night
Love and Hate, Black and White
I am a being like any other

Why do i inspire so much fear
This is me, harmless as a dove
Light is your lover and friend
You forget, there is no light without me

When we clash and strife
What we make is magic
Paintings on walls, art from nothing
Shadows, they call it

My touch is not cold and distant
Do you not feel my embrace?
The Ice and Chill that creeps in
The Wind is to blame

This is my outcry, painfully misunderstood
This is the cloak i was left to bear
Cheated by my brother
I am Dark and He is Light.

The Aventurine.