ICARUS IV (Hubris)

Posted: April 22, 2017 in DELPHIC
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the birds that fly over the sea

Can you see me soar?

Rising with reckless abandon,

the sole of my feet is a crown-

on the head of the eagle, regal in flight.

The wind is a wave washing over my hair,

as I tear through bashful clouds.

The earth beneath my feet is a dream once had

The beat of my wings is a song,

a discordant melody of time racing by

to conquer heaven-

a siren’s call.

Words of a loving father echo in my head,

the blue in the sky steals across my eyes,

taunting my transcendence,

why taste the clouds if you will not drink the sun?

Are there any chains on you as well?

Little bird flying over the deep blue sea

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