L3tt3r III

Posted: February 25, 2017 in Melancholia
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Dear selfish woman,
I have written you 4 letters I will never send, 

Purged from a poor place, 

The wealth of words weakens me. 

I have written you down in hopes that you will live forever, 

In hopes that you will make amends. 

You are breaking, after several refusals to bend.

This is a cliff, I am holding a knife behind your back, 

Please, count to ten. First four figures are forfeitures, 

You were the one and more, 

but the two of us seem to not know what trees are for. 

See this as pleading the fifth, as imagining the splatter whilst I peek gleefully from the peak. Enjoy the experience.

This is hoping you fall head first, and land on your dick. 


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