Posted: October 11, 2016 in Euphoria
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Static, the air in the room is electric

The hands on the clock are stuck

In time between present and future’s past

As i sit and stare at this familiar stranger

With a speckle of gray on his crown

Eyes that mirror mine and a knowing smile

Lines carved by age and experiences on his face

A thousand thoughts blur my vision

Did love find us? Did it taste like strawberries?

Or moonlight and happy thoughts?

Does Olenna have her mother’s eyes? Is she as imagined?

Did our dreams come true? Will they remember us?

Did we make the right choices? Will i lose my smile?

Will the dimple walk away from my giggle?

Did we make Mamina proud? Did we do right by her?

Did we trade her ashes for beauty? Stand by her?

Forge a phoenix from her pain? Man-up where dad didn’t?

Will we conquer the words? Do they listen to us?

Will I be ok? Will i watch the sunset on the mountain?

Did the world lose itself to the terror it bred? Will we heal?

With eyes wide shut and a heart heavy with longing

I exhale and mutter just one

Dear Efe,

Was it worth it?



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