Posted: July 8, 2016 in Melancholia
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I am the black,

The humus deep within the earth,

The life and succor to a dying seed

The hope of a thousand souls that draw breath
Melanin in tears trickle into the earth,

At the same spot where our humanity bled

Is that resentment you wear on your eyelids,

For a coat of epidermis I didn’t choose myself?
I am not the victim,

When the rains have had their fill

And the sun is bold enough to smile again

The lustrous sheen on my skin is there for all to see
In lives lost and sticky blood stains,

With mourning and sorrowful screaming

I cry in widows and orphans made,

In siblings lost and the lovers torn apart. 
Retribution comes in eleven shades of grey

An eye for an eye, justice can take a walk

Which lives really matter more?

When a bullet settles a bullet score
© Aventurine

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