Posted: March 30, 2016 in DELPHIC
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A parliament divided, the nation in flight
When death came in hoots, we stepped aside.

A mother laughs when her tears are spent
Blood and smoke creates a perfect collage.

A flame still flickers for the silent screams
The ghosts of her womanhood lost in Chibok.

Before our very eyes, they steal our skies
Feeding us the blackness of night at dawn.

Harbingers of ill-omen, watchers of the night
Witness us, humanity dies and we do not cry.

Let the mourners mourn, We will drink their tears
When the earth has had its fill, we will drown in it.

Hold our eroding souls with migrating principles,
As we watch fragments of our dreams wash away.


A bird with a broken wing still heeds the call
To taste the wind and bask in warm sunny rays

A wind of change with more wind than change
A choice buffet of rotten meat and rancid milk.

Pessimism is handed out with outstretched arms
Optimism, now that’s a luxury we cannot afford.

Oh if we could see the world from an owl’s eyes
We are all like little stars twinkling in the dark.

With our virtues leached as the sands in Bauchi
The world watches our feeble attempt at flight

The skies beckon as the evening breeze nudges
The sun blushes as we lift off and break heights.


The Aventurine.

  1. esibobbiee says:

    Oh mehn, na u o. I hail, I double hail


  2. magimagho says:

    Keeps getting better from this page. Rich. Poetic coffee with a lot of cream.

    I particularly enjoyed the switch of emotion,the counterbalance.

    In fact, oshe. Dazall…..


  3. onlyos says:

    This was beautiful, really. A wonderful experience.


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