Posted: February 22, 2016 in Euphoria


Mother pounds the fallen leaves
To resurrect the deciduous hopes of her children
Strife is her mortar and love her pestle
Thump! Thump! She goes with tender violence

Thumps of nourishing justice sparkle
Life through the dead-brown humus in the dark
Begins to find rebirth in verdant vibrancy
The leaves levitate in a ghoulish jaunt to life

Flamed by the maternal crucible of mother
The verdant phoenix cloaks in a conviction
To take the shape of past peaks of fertility
Bask anew in the glow of a nubile promise

The children gape at the newfoundland
Brightly coloured by mother’s drenching sweat
Mother stops her beat and says:
“I am my children and my children are me”


  1. Gere Ochuko says:

    Mother has returned is a lovely piece, with your permission, can I reblog in my blog?


  2. Aventuяine says:

    Thanks alot, yes you can dear.


  3. Gere Ochuko says:

    I just reblogged the Post, thanks Dear.


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