Posted: January 30, 2016 in Euphoria


Code name to this A-biotic
One wonder of ancient Benin
As alluvial flow on her rill and gully
So the souls of many fates

Her lips double barreled
Flying bullets in the skies
A Ju! With high survival walls
Sadly, Many Fine Boys Fall.

In Wars,
The sun smite not by day
Nor her moon by night
Her curfew, a deadly state of art
To every street, a master craft

In her terror, she’s loved
In her hell, many find heaven
Great Uniben! Ekosodin is no tale
She’s the fierce night in the day

Above all,
Hail Uniben! Hail Ekosodin
Dungeon of war Lords
Anyone can rise to the ranks
Yet, none is untouchable.


  1. Quincy Antak says:


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  2. payge9 says:

    nice piece…..feels good to be there at the conception of this master piece and now feels even better witnessing its birth!…ekosodin!! The land both loved and feared,….where evil thrives not on wickedness but on dread……..a land where the average life expectancy was measured not based genetic constituent, standard of living, or availability of sound health care facilities ..but on your keen sense of observance and speed of flight at the face of immediate mortal danger. The place where a great many rose and even flew……but where an even greater many fell and were buried…YOUR (ekosodin) glory lives on eternal…and shall be whispered even to the ear of all generation unborn.Ekosodin!

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  3. jaeisworld says:

    A very vivid short description of a place that arouses an interesting curiosity to snoop at the life there..esp the last two or maybe three stanzas got to me..kudos!

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  4. Aventuяine says:

    Great Intro into the legend “Ekosodin” by Jupiter.


  5. Jupiterusi says:

    Ekosodin ! All Hail


  6. clintob says:

    Nice poem…….

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  7. lucky says:

    Never 4get d days @ ekosodin….#HEXAGONHOSTEL2012

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  8. provizz says:

    Any one can rise to the ranks yet no one is untouchable. Such a beautiful piece. Ekosodin!The village of Titans…

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  9. rolygold says:

    Flawless piece,epic,now I see why I kept hearing the echos of ekosodin years ago.

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  10. osaraodia@yahoo.com says:

    next time remember to say the home of of black axe , peaceful for jews bt danger to rivals

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  11. Sheikh says:

    Actually a very good piece

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