Posted: September 22, 2015 in Euphoria


Your kiss is death, death to the ones i used to love, death to bonds that kept me bound, death to everything i used to know.

Where a seed dies, life is born. Watch it sprout, shudder and then shiver. Drawing breath for the first time. The Rebirth.

You hold me tight in your arms. My shield, our hearts beat in unison. The world is a forgotten dream, Us against the world.

As the earth holds the seed in its grip offering warmth and a home for the wayfaring seed. The perfect fusion.

You cry in raindrops, each time i break your heart and steal your joy with all my phobias and flaws, The Heist.

The sky falls in torrent, and the earth rises to the challenge, taking it all for the sake of a dying seed. Oceans rise as the earth loses a piece of itself. The Sacrifice.

Your smile rises from the east, brightens my life and gives me hope. In its light, the world is not enough and i sense that Impossible is nothing.

The sun bathes the little flower in rays and warmth, it tickles…watch the stalk giggle, sepals stretch and the petals yawn. The Bloom.

The Aventurine.

  1. Jupiterusi says:

    Wish I could show her this, buh again wishing she’d understand the power of The Bloom 😦


  2. ugo says:

    This is wonderful!!!


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