Posted: May 24, 2015 in Melancholia


…Hello World, Riddle Me This.

One world, one race, a forgotten notion
Set free, the mental chains we bear weigh heavier still

An eroded mind with all its virtues leached.
This hive is big enough for both species, can you not see?
You keep the rainbow in all its gaudy glory but save me the dirt and earth below my feet.
You keep the stars; they are too bright for my eyes.

This is the Ugly Duckling Theory.

While your wings shudder, stutter and then flutter free
I will walk your earth, eat your dirt and climb your walls.

Listen to these distant words, spoken in hasty thirst by a Reporter from Zaire.

These melanin strings have held us together, as old and as young as forever.

Who have I become? 
What stories do I tell the world?

When Xenophobia made me kill a brother with a skin blacker than mine.
Is your mind so over-colonized that you are neck deep in its illusion?
With your rounded nose risen to the sky, brandishing a whip.

Are you color blind? 
Have you lost your mirror?

We are all as black as the humus hidden deep within the earth!!
Is this what you wanted?
Do you want applause?

This terror we fed and bred has nurtured and spread
My troubled thoughts walk gingerly on fiery coals
Ironic, she christens her daughter hope with promise in her eyes.

Only to be wretched from cuddling arms at a time when dreams are wide awake and realities are fast asleep.

The Black Queen is losing all her knights in the constant struggle
Even pawns must take up arms and stand guard.

Fighting tooth and broken nails for our little damsels in distress.
When will this chaos cease?
…Hello World, Petty thoughts.

The Aventurine.

  1. Jupiterusi says:

    The Black must learn to culture his fingers and brain just like old times.


  2. Pills says:

    I no understand


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