Posted: March 5, 2015 in Euphoria

In a world where many secrets have skeletons

And kingsized closets are not quite big enough

I would hold yours if you would hold mine

My heart is an Origami, folds hold phobias and flaws

The black night whispers promises, dark and cold

And the light shivers, huddling closely by the fire

The wind sings an old and distant tune by my window

Seeking audience, a touch for a tale it softly beckons.

My love is an Origami, spread bare across your feet

Twisted and forged by events beyond our control

Are you just another note hidden beneath wings?

If i howl at the blood moon would you return my call?

The world is full of strangers and broken metaphors

As i sit under my table of study taking random notes

Do not mortgage your freedom or break hidden words

Here is my Origami, your secret is safe with me.

The Aventurine.


  1. legendsboa says:

    Interesting read with some very good employment of devices.


  2. kofoworola says:

    “I will hold yours if you hold mine”
    “don’t break hidden word”… That’s deep I relate to that…nice one is in


  3. Aventuяine says:

    Thanks a lot Kofo, id love to get the full gist tho…


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