Posted: November 11, 2014 in Melancholia


In these last moments, a broken soul finds peace and a piece to share his shattered rumination of an existence he was burdened with…

…If you’re reading this, the sky is still blue
The world is still cruel, Reality rules and our fantasies never came true.

…If you’re reading this, the earth still spins
The brute wins, our Ozone layer thins and the child pays for his father’s sins.

…If you’re reading this, racism still looms
Armageddon boasts of doom and the oceans need more room.

…If you’re reading this, i always think of you
A bird coos as a mother croons, time is fleeting and there is yet much to do.

…If you’re reading this, i am sober and lost
A gift with dire cost, Bubbles burst and a trusting heart feels betrayal’s thrust.

The Aventurine.

  1. Jupiterusi says:

    Reblogged this on jupiterusi's Blog and commented:
    The world has gone too many cycles, we hope it doesn’t jump an electron axis to another


  2. onoedosio says:

    Really good stuff….the vivid imageries, the repetition, the utter despair in the Aventurine’s voice. It feels cut short though, like a chocolate bar got snatched away before I was through unwrapping it.


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