Posted: October 19, 2014 in Prose


The moon rises, coloring the night with a gray hue. The children gather round, picking perfect spots round her and making a circle that would make the moon envious of her shine. The goddess, bearer of tales. All the pain and hurt she inflicted during the day, forgotten with the wind as they look up to her with beady eyes reflecting the moon’s splendor.

They gather round, everyone of them the Mother of Tales, eager for the night’s tale. The meridian of their day, every breath and sweat, strife and fight has lead to this moment. She opens her mouth and silence descends with a steely calm.

“Tonight, we tell a tale as old as time” she says. “We tell a tale of The Bird and The Worm.

Unlucky me. It was a day like any other…the rain had just let up and the bashful sun was beginning to peek through the clouds. There I lay bathing in rivers of earth and minding my squirmy, wiggly business.

When suddenly, Boom!!! Two claws and a blunt beak snare my spindly body. Next thing I know, I am wiggling, struggling and trying to wrench free. Her grip was firm,experienced as she was…snatching and grabbing, catching me completely off guard.

The more I struggle, the tighter her grip grows…I hear a squishy tear. “Ouch! That hurt!” I yell. “Put me down this instant!” I say defiantly. She mumbles “I will, when my babies have had their fill”. In that damned moment I realise negotiating with a hungry hen is pointless. Exhausted and afraid, I adjust my lenses.

Joshua sniggers “Haba, how can a worm have glasses on?” The others giggle. “It would look very much like Dele.” More laughter. The Worm cries out “Yes! Lenses, of course I have them on. Whatever, back to my story!”

Where was I? Yes my capture!! I adjust my lenses, thinking and waiting for the perfect moment to break free and make a run for it. Alas! She drops me…”We are here” she informs me. I adjust my glasses and lift my head. Behold, I am all alone in a colosseum, a tiny gladiator standing against five famished chicks. Scanning this arena of my death or greatest escape I find that I was their only meal. I wasn’t about to go down easy. I braced myself for battle.

Lucky me. It was a day like any other and at that moment, the
angry rain had just let up, allowing the sun a belated appearance. I stretched my wings, bathing in rivers of air, basking in the timid rays of the emasculated sun and minding my windy business.

When suddenly…Boom!!!! I spot the melee. A hen…Five chicks..and a worm. I feel my belly growl and realize I hadn’t fed in quite a while. Five chicks!!!!! I smack my lips with relish.

Yes, that was a metaphor. Lips? Really?
Who needs those?

Back to my tale. Yes,surely the hen would be generous enough to let me have one. She would.

I hover around them, calculating and waiting for the perfect moment to swoop in and pounce on my pick. A sumptuous menu such as this must not be made a mess of. The worm will be of help in keeping my approach undetected. It is my decoy and an unwitting ally in my nutritional mission.

“Ahhhh!!”. The children gasp in awe, their faces twisted in excitement and dread.

Ade whispers to Sade “I pray the worm escapes. I like him already with his funny lenses”. I dip a little lower and still I am unnoticed. They remain wholly concerned about the wiggler as my belly grumbles again. Keep calm, I chide; any moment now.

Written: The Aventurine.
Edited: Otbor.

  1. Maureen Chris says:

    Diz was one amazing piece, or short story, I like d way it carries u along 4rm d beginnin 2d end,. Like i kept reading n wasn’t xpectin it 2 end…. I luv d part about…”haba how can a worm have glasses on” i actually lol wen I got thr…nice one indeed


  2. Apache says:

    I’m a bit puzzled, well, more than a bit puzzled. How did I just enjoy reading this?


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