Posted: September 20, 2014 in Euphoria

Holding on tight to a past that let me go
Filled me with a sobriety coated in misery
Eyes wide shut, i felt a sting and the blow
My broken soul craved a change of scenery

Salty waves wash over my naked feet
And in my spine i feel ice that slowly chills
The Ocean black rises and strikes a beat
Mirror a lonely moon dancing over seas

Clandestine thoughts walk hands entwined
Along my pedestrian heart, swinging a clock
Going their merry gait as the ocean climbed
In my head many wild Imaginations run amok

What if i were an Octopus wearing a watch
With too many hands to tell the passing time
Would i be standing by myself lonely and lost,
And my essence ticking away with each chime?

When i die remember to bury me with berries
They say beauty in death is a wasted venture
With My tombstone a seat for beautiful fairies,
I say Life without color is misplaced adventure.

Ghosts of a timid smile steals across my lips
A thousand silhouettes dance upon my chest
Beauty in this black night i want for keeps
I reach to touch the stars, a gesture at best.

Surely pulchritude had played its very last card
It heats, soothing warmth of an angel’s breath
Whispers soft as songs from a love drunk bard
Hearts embrace in a vow unwoven even in death.

The Aventurine.

  1. Willow Snow says:

    Wow this is incredible. Beautiful from start to finish! Really touched my heart. Thank you for this.


  2. ovi3 says:

    Good to see the balance between coherence and creativity is being struck. Nice one.


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