Posted: September 17, 2014 in Euphoria


Dear Mhynsa,
Are you hungry?
Is the barreness… empty enough?
Do they not see the way the water drinks the thirst out of you when you are drowning?
Do you still need warmth with all this global warming?
Myhnsa…. I understand that winds uproot trees but macadamia is also quite decadent
Do you not see how blood spills from dry bones to water the stone?
They are eating you, grazing like fattened cows and taking shits simultaneously
I can see your suffering but I do not know your sin,
I cannot tell why humanity constantly start fires that leave you burning from within.

Does the noise deafen you?
Do you grimace at the sight of our foolish Hijinkery?
You roar, throw up fire from your under belly and make skies strike funny poses
Lighting behind clouds with no silver lining and then you rain but sometimes in your tears, the sun comes shining.

God does not play dice maybe chess, but I know he certainly enjoys Monopoly
I have seen how he has carved you out of nothing, created in you, all that is pure and left for us the task of finding meaning.
I can see streams jealous at the sight of seas exchanging gazes and sending me waves, I can tell that even for beasts, there is humility in the grave.

You are all these things…you are fire, earth, wind and water
You are that youthful hue that sits on Becca’s skin like morning dew
You are that blackness and that light.

Dear Mhynsa,

I like that you laugh in flowers.


  1. nickomo22 says:

    Awesome. More than just a play on words. Every strand of this piece beautifully woven into a tapestry of sublime expression evoking vivid emotions in a manner so subtle, almost as if caressing the reader’s mind with it’s deep yet soothing feathery texture. Awesome stuff.


  2. Jupiterusi says:

    This is more than just words. Its an a strain of a genius writer and thinker…


  3. Igenebga. says:

    Thanks Guys. Did not have Time to Visit. I am glad you liked it.



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