Posted: September 3, 2014 in Melancholia


Hello World,
Glad to see you were curious enough to click that link…keep calm you will get blown away!!!
If you enjoyed the first piece, you would love this even more…two mutually exclusive events, one theme.

Have fun!!!

Palindromes emit time, springs like laughter, giggle, stutter and then rhyme
Color me deaf, paint me blind and carve me a stick for the stones
I hear the need and see my hands quiver and turn pale, misery constantly acquires shares

Hold the dream up: punch and bite.
Show me the dance and the delusion, tell me how heavy I am and watch my eyes lose light…
Ignorance held high like a falling kite, however hard this is,

I will not write.

Can you not see that I am done thinking? That the beast you are turning me into is changing skin and I am eagerly helping?

Society’s cloak stinks of acceptance, pathways curve and then turn fallow, men lie like dogs too tired to care.
Failure faces the fickle for fear of fright, however bleeding my hands become,

I will not write.

I cannot show you how feeble I have become, how words break out of me like sweat, only to wait for the sun, ivory, coal, sand, sea…nature abhors the lonely.

You can keep the memories but these smiles carry lesser marks…what’s left of your kisses? Your wounds however, leave scars.
Let these thought drain and rain and ask that the blood bubbles and gives way within my veins….kill these zombies by giving them life, whatever the plight

I will not write.

I will not write for fears, for the possibility that life might expunge and leave me lungs…for the truth that simmer in wait for courage and for lies that just stroll along pathways of meaningless conversations…

I will not write for you.

For the many times you break my wings and pushed me off the edge, for vocations, dying immortals and bread, for heavy sighs, grimaces and foolish delight…however heavy the need hits

I will not write.


  1. Mccoy says:

    ‘Palindromes Emit Time’. GENIUS!!!!!!


  2. Aventuяine says:

    I read that line and was blown away!!! Epic were the lines that followed, nice rendition mate!!


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