Posted: September 2, 2014 in Melancholia


As i lay on my back, tossing and turning again
Insomnia wooing my eyelids with a lustful intent
My mind is in a thousand places, no rest for my brain
I dedicate a piece to those who seek love in a bottle

I make no excuses for the fathers who drenched in misery
Drop the boy and pick up the bottle one night too many
Numbing their mind and drowning out phobias and flaws
Someone has to tell their own version of events, let me

A man like any other, loving and losing in one fell swoop
He built his world around her, sharing with her his dreams
Building the very core of his existence in her essence
His everything, taking her in she filled his heart to the brim

When she informed in gleeful bashfulness of a new born
He beamed and held her, holding till dusk faded to dawn
And when upon them the time had come, he stood by her
Watchful and faithful, he didn’t sleep or slumber…Her rock

Even when the cry of the new born took the life from her
He held her still weeping and wailing, battered and broken
He would not let her go, his companion…life is too cold
Looking down at the babe and she is all his eyes can see

So he reaches out at night to her side of the bed, nothing
He walks to a window and shudders as the pain hits him
A warm night but his heart is cold as Ice, he freezes time
A moment when she stood by him looking out the window

And so he looks up to the heavens in sorrowful askance
Seeking the answers he cannot form the questions for
Still he searches…searches for a sign, a glimmer of hope
Finding none at all, he spots a bottle as cold as his heart.

The Aventurine.

  1. Maureen Chris says:

    Impressive…nice one u got thr…


  2. Jupiterusi says:

    A bottle of Heineken will do for me…. Cheers the HAND


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