Posted: August 12, 2014 in Odyssey
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They have climbed your walls and breached your gates
They have split the doors and tested fate
When you lay heavy laden, burden beneath your pillow
They have come, they have come crawling through the window

Eseosa; they forget the gifts of the gods is a promised rainbow

They feast making merry with dusty feet upon your seat
Casting lots upon your hopes, they share wine and meat
They wallow in puddles of a pseudo victory, a despicable sight
Singing out of tune into the watchful moon, vanity rules the night

The err feeling the black skinned is feeble and awful

Alas, they could not break your resolve, like flames and gold
Taking and taking, they have left you wounded, bare and cold
Who taught them to corner a Lion? Who led them astray?
With your back against the wall, your resolve is hard and gray.

The libation of my fathers warms my earthen heart

You leap at life and swing with all your might, you roar
God’s gift to humanity, made to plunder and conquer
Perched on the wings of a thousand eagles, a glorious flight
The pain is only skin deep, you are born strong. Stand.

No Iroko is born a dwarf, nor Palms wonder lust.

The man that rises after a fall, our people say is Agbaka
The leg that dances in the Igue knows the newness of things
Let the Eweye leaf protect me from the eyes of the Esu
When they smile, the enemies tongue will be smeared with unripe Alubara.

You are more than what they think you are, a phoenix dancing in the flames

You face the world, knowing hope is the bead on your wrist
Courage, the cowries your neck has chosen to carry
Thrust the spear in anyway, The Lion’s soul knows not mortal wrecks.
You will come back like Oba Eweka with a greater ordinance and feast.

Beauty for Ashes, we will not forget the rainbow after the storm

Jupiter and The Aventurine.

  1. Jupiterusi says:

    greatness in the ribs of Eseosa, strength in your wrists sire. Thanks for the acknowledgement. Great piece. Africa needs idea not senses


  2. Jupiterusi says:

    Reblogged this on jupiterusi's Blog and commented:
    My Friend Tobore is an Udeme


  3. Eric Evbas says:

    A beautiful piece sir, keep it up!


  4. Aventuяine says:

    Thanks Erado, for taking time to comment.


  5. Aventuяine says:

    Thanks bruh @jae i read your piece and loved it!!! Hoping to have you feature on the Aventurine someday, your writeups are inspired.


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