Posted: August 9, 2014 in Prose


I have always hated the surrender in sleep. That necessity that longs to always put you on your back. It is defeating. Is it not? How the need to rest brings you to your weakest?.
Slow day, I woke up at sparrows fart and hated the stench. Obeyed the need to not smell, clothed my nakedness and headed out.
He was Big, brown skinned and fat. Ugly, bearded and indifferent, With a pot belly that looked like it was constantly asking for an embrace. The yellow bus smelt like stress and beer and I had wondered in my heart if I would be able to bear it. 5 minutes and 12 passengers later, we headed out.
This Bull of a human was sleeping beside me and snoring, snoring so heavily, every breath his lungs led out, led out a smell of beer. ‘why is this guy sitting down beside me? How did I get here!? Is existence pain? How does any conscious human Being sit and watch himself get to this? No harm in resting but is it a socially acceptable behaviour to feed my lungs with this stench? What is this nonsense? Should there not be a law for this kind of bad behaviour? I had questioned myself consistently, continuously hating his resting and giving his absent mindedness the most insulting of grimaces. I had wandered for his shame, self esteem, self awareness, upbringing, health and attitude. I had thought that may be he had had a long Night and he needed any form of rest that the passing moment could bring. It is not fair to deprive my nostrils of their peace of breath though, or my ears of the Noise drunken lagos gives.

We had barely arrived Apapa, the hold up ensured this. Tired and almost throwing up, I was about to reach out and tap him, when he slumped forward, used his head to hit the engine and fell across my leg. ‘Jesu christi’ “Oluwa o”…. ‘just look at this Animal’. several expressions of surprise and disgust fell out. I, on the other hand, stared in astonishment because I was wondering how a human being would fall this hard without him feeling an ounce of pain. Several taps and screams later, he was carried out of the bus and laid on the pavement.
Death, silences all paltry feeling.


  1. Toby says:

    At least he died with d happiness he found buried@ d bottom of d green bottle


  2. Aventuяine says:

    In my opinion, it is not happiness that drives a man to the bottle in the wee hours of the morning. However, he is free.


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