Posted: July 28, 2014 in Dark Poetry


At birth is where it begins,
A first of many sins.
A suckling babe, no matter where,
With innocence lost, will shed a tear.

Life, our second sin,
A frail and fickle thing.
Days become years, we live,
Mocking fate, we believe.

Love, our third sin,
We ought to trash in a bin.
We dream, we care,
Just worship, why do we dare?

Pride, the step before the fall,
A fading hope rekindled at death’s call,
I seek redemption in life’s foggy mist,
But arrogance is in my sin’s list.

Rebellion,the inevitable choice to make,
The orders of others, I will not take.
Questioning all, raising every doubt,
I see no reason to look further out.

Death, our last sin, surrender and die,
That dark monster, cunning and sly.
A fitting climax to many a lie,
Release my soul to oblivion and fly.


  1. otabsky says:

    It’s superb. Lyrical, congruent, insightful.


  2. Aventuяine says:

    Interesting piece, eerie and mindblowing. Enjoyable read.


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