Posted: July 22, 2014 in Odyssey


Why go through life to arrive safely in death?
Like there’s supposed to be another route
We all travel down the same direction yet each with a different purpose
To each his own odyssey.

To wake up to a smile of a loved one
And feel the gust on our cheeks
To be alive, safe and daring, living with fulfillment
Unaware of what prowls in the dark

Humans feel power lies in strength
True resolve lies in the fact that even when ripped apart
Wide open with bowels crashing down the highway
Having a stronger resolve to live still

Death, a gateway to the afterlife
It feels like a fairytale to men who understand its passage
Yet the tragedy of a soul ripped from the arms of a loved one
We all exist in different dimensions

A journey, a story of a poet whose words
Seek but cannot find the balance of nature
But of pain, torment and torture
These are the word of the untold poet.

The Amethyst.

  1. Aventuяine says:

    Neat, nicely strung!!!


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