Posted: July 19, 2014 in Dark Poetry


These words you are about to read
Are the claws that strangle my tortured soul
I waltz recklessly into a street fight
Feeling like Ken and Ryu overcome by dark Hado

The arrows have pierced you deep within
And your soul is bleeding
I can taste the warmth of life, blood on my lips
That leaves you cold and breathless

Another dip in Oblivion’s deep
The blackness holds a sooting warmth
A welcome respite from the cold
The hateful chill that marks the limbo of indifference

The black has taken over my heart
Spreading gently, one cell at a time
Till it engulfs my entire body
Can you not see it ebb from my pen into these sheets?

I plug my earphones in to drown out my misery
Watching the devil dance as an angel sings out of tune
I have taken an unwelcome detour
The Cemetery gates are left ajar

I take a dusty seat on the broken pavement
Pull out my flute and blow with the wind
The undead rise to these broken tunes
And make their way towards the hidden runes

I feel like Scar, watching the fear in Mufasa’s eyes
As i fling you head first off this cliff
It is not hate that fuels my deed, no
Something more serene does the trick

The earth spins anti-clockwise, why?
A man’s life is fading as another pulls the trigger
In a word of mad recklessness
I find peace and a piece writing in a darkened room.

The Aventurine.

  1. Flawless. I absolutely enjoyed reading this. Your poems are detailed stories .. eloquently written. Loved this!! xx


  2. suave says:



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