Posted: July 15, 2014 in Melancholia


Here we go again, I’m wide awake
That renegade sleep has gone AWOL yet again
Cold thoughts from another life begin to rise
No matter what happens, I will not write

How can you be so far and ever present still?
The taste on my lips many moons after
The world rules in the day and you rule at night
Yet i sit on the thrown wearing a crown

You are the never ending eclipse
The moon that covers my good judgement
But every bit unlike the eclipse we know
You will not pass over me

You work me so hard, i break a salty sweat
And those waters trickle down into the earth
You are the dusk that stayed too long
The dawn that is never enough

You rule my dreams with an Iron fist
Bending my thoughts to your will
I would say, death to the cruel taskmaster
But your face is all i long to see

That cold and cruel night my life lost its spark
You were standing redhanded beside the switch
In a world of heroes, you are my only villain
Every messiah with a quest to heal my heart has failed

From your pink lips, the lies are all i would hear
They give life and truth to my soul
And i find some semblance of peace in its deception
What have i become?

A cruel world where the one you want wants another
And the one you cannot stand is standing in front of you
In my hands i hold your beating heart and it is breaking
I have become the monster i fear the most

The harder i fight you, the higher my heartbeat rises
You are the Insanity that haunts me, wants me
The higher i rise above you, the harder i would fall
You are my Sanity, my wake up call

I should go back to sleep, come back here
I promised i wouldn’t write and i intend to keep my word.

The Aventurine.

  1. Pills says:

    This poem is trying to unlock my chest of pains, regrets n what ifs. I’d be damned to let that happen.
    A good piece, Damn, a touching piece straight from deep down the poet’s heart.

    “A cruel world where the one you want wants another
    And the one you cannot stand is standing in front of you”.. Now that’s sorrow


  2. Pee says:

    You are good at what you do…


  3. Udeagha Kalu says:

    Well, it certainly strikes the melancholic cord in a man’s soul…..unfair world it is.


  4. Student girl says:

    Nice…….very nice. ” the one you want wants another And the one you cannot stand is standing in front of you”


  5. Aventuяine says:

    Thanks @pee and you…. @studentgirl

    Sarcasm detector!!


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