Posted: July 10, 2014 in Melancholia


When words and thoughts have fled
And on her joy, the world has fed
Her pain is pure and passion, a myth
Pleasure is a luxury she cannot afford

Many mighty ships have fallen
All the stars are falling down
The world is crawling on its knees
All that was up, down.

She didn’t flinch, didn’t blink i assure
Yet all she held close to her chest
Wrenched from her seemingly Iron grasp
This evil neither sleeps nor rests

The sun has set in her eyes
Watch the dark clouds gather
The raging storm is creeping in
All that is left is a downpour, The Great Deluge

All the pain she tries to hide
Shows on her mascara lines
As they stream down her eyes
And blur her dreams and visions

When she finally wakes
Rivers from her eyes drown her makeup
She reaches across for someone to hold
Loneliness calls her by name again

The bashful sun rises once more
The painter picks his brush to paint
A harvest of colors dance across the sky
A rainbow after the storm

On any other day, she would have loved again
But her heart is too tired, her soul too weak
She has lost her will to fight, all that avails is flight
Can the bird swim or the fish, fly?

The Aventurine.

  1. Valentine Onwuama says:

    Great writeup..I really enjoyed it and it had lots of emotions embedded in it… kudos


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