Posted: June 8, 2014 in Melancholia


Ok, heres but a little slice
Of my desultory thoughts, i guess
Let me take you on a jolly ride
Through purposeless avenue.

The throes of this life
The uncertainty of each moment
A world full of people, all moving
Unsure of the next step…Fate’s pawns

The gulf between one second and the next
Will i ever know true happiness?
What is joy with the fear of sorrow lurking?
Each moment is like a coin

An eclipse with more black than white
The dawn is beautiful and dusk, inevitable
I am confused, lost and drowning in miserable thoughts
Will i ever find my way?

Now My nights lasts for days
And with each toss, the pain…renewed
I let out a scream
Just to hear the echo in my heart

Too scared to fail i do not even try
Failing before i even start
The past has drilled in me, a phobia so deep
Everyone rejects the failure, who applauds his effort?

Life and Lover, there is no solid ground
All i see is sinking sand…
Yet you urge me to take that step
Will you walk with me? I think not..

I stood beside you…hard and strong
Fighting your wars, a guardian angel on your shoulder
I was so devout, running with you
Running till the love ran out

A little sunlight and then the Storm
The taste of honey on my lips
The tang of vinegar behind my tongue
When will the double standards end?

There is a reason for everything…
We should take solace in this fleeting thought
Vague as it sounds
Comfort and solace cannot be found in its letters!!

In a world of black and white, death and life
Love and Hate, Peace and War
Hope, those dying embers we guard jealously
Because if that is lost…then all is.

The Aventurine.

  1. maureen chris says:

    Ma very own piece… Luv evry word..I practically read it evryday


  2. aeeysha says:

    …this is really really sad. It’s beautiful in d sort of way art makes you cry.


  3. aeeysha says:

    …this is sad. beautifully sad, like the way beautiful art makes you cry


  4. livmuch says:

    …this is sad. beautifully sad, like the way beautiful art makes you cry


  5. livmuch says:

    …this is sad…like the way beautiful art makes you cry.


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