Posted: June 1, 2014 in Odyssey

I had the perfect words
All the lines added up
A meaning that could make the atheists
Let go of cynicism and believe in God
Now I cannot understand a single thing

I should write about love
Puny humans believe its a thing of joy
Something to be held dear
But in these words I find hate, anger and confusion

A contrasting feature…one that tells of strength, ambition, pride and selfishness
One that tells of power, rage and self control
With a satisfied grin, Hate becomes a powerful tool
In the hands of one who has been hurt

Life is a contrasting gift
Each breathe makes it seem better
In the blink of an eye all that is held dear could be lost
Am stuck on faith, views and grace…a treasured gift

Death, despised by many…an inevitable end
A journey believed by some to signal the end of an era
With all I hold dear and am afraid to lose

………………………..Words don’t mean anything

The Amethyst.

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