Posted: May 31, 2014 in Odyssey


I nurse in my arms quite gingerly
An apple half bitten
By the legend in his ingenuity
His finest work.

He taught my heart to dance
And my feet, the beat
With glorious melody and sound
He knew not defeat.

The raging battle field of life
Bed of spilled blood and broken bones
The valiant lay alongside the craven
Food for vultures and crows.

Speed and Drift, crash and the track
Through your blue eyes, we lived our dreams
You drove on the edge, wild and hard
Living as you died, fast and furious.

Apartheid never had a fiercer nemesis
With blood, sweat and bitter tears
He broke inequality’s bonds
Father, Fighter and Friend.

The Eagle on the Iroko, they called you
You drew adversity’s breath and let out a steam of words
Giving life to tradition’s dying throes
You were the tales by moonlight.

The skies part to reveal quite a sight
Behold the great Bird, terrifying in beauty
Wings beat like a thousand Chariots in flight
The eyes of Odin the Blind.

Glorious respite for the fallen warriors
They have been deemed worthy
Tonight they dine in the halls of Valhalla
They were indeed more than men.

The Aventurine.


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