Posted: May 31, 2014 in DELPHIC


Pride and Sarcasm, my loyal hearts guard
These walls were built for my protection
Vulnerable and Sensitive soul

I locked my heart and tossed the key
Even i would get lost in its search
A fine maze i have created, this should keep my fragile heart safe and sound

With shadows of a heart cast upon the walls
They are silhouette and nothing more
Many a seeker would take a leap losing their feet in hopeless defeat

My brown eyes mirror my soul and tell its story
But you see, only true readers can tell
I bare my soul with each stare

Man is cruel and Heartbreak, a sport
With each crack, a piece of it is lost
Never to be found in this life or the next

The phrase “Heal your Broken heart” is laughable
Such hubris….
Even Time, the ageless knows how daunting that is!

The Aventurine.


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