Posted: May 19, 2014 in Melancholia


A million bits and pieces of me
All scattered across the earth, my Hocruxes
Hidden in broken fragments and unfinished art
In every missing link along the canvas

A sketch thats not quite finished
Putting pen to paper i drew her once
Uwa, with all her curves and lovely edges
Not her face though, couldn’t quite get that right

She pleaded and chided, urging me to finish the piece
I couldn’t quite bring myself to complete it
I was too scared to get it wrong, to make a mistake
Why tiptoe through life to arrive safely in death?

Now i sit through the night heavy laden, reminiscing
Regretting lines undrawn, words unsaid, thoughts unshared
I poured my heart on that pad with tears and a pen
A piece of me lies Incomplete, forever lost with that sheet

Others remain unattended…a weeping child, a broken smile
They haunt my dreams and keep me wide awake
They all deserve to be finished, don’t they?
A dying rose, A wandering stranger…melancholy is my ally

With words i hope i will, put these haunting thoughts to sleep
Righting my wrongs by writing what i should have drawn
However hard i try, for the face of the beauty unsketched
Words are not enough.

The Aventurine

  1. Nikki says:

    This is really creepy……………..


  2. donnie says:

    Wow! Stunned with this poem…lost short of words to say exactly


  3. Seeker says:

    Most beautiful piece i’ve ever read and felt. If it’s any consolation, now I know how u felt or feel. Karma is a bitch I guess. Cheers


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