Posted: May 9, 2014 in Melancholia


Sharp screams pierce the starless night
As the veil of thick black filled our eyes
It has been eons since we had seen any light
Seems tonight, terror wears a different guise

A thousand thoughts race through my mind
Their agonizing scream causes common sense to flee
What could have frightened the others this much?
I should take a look out and see

I jump to my feet with naught but my nightie
My Daddy’s gift to me for besting Lizzy
Coming tops in my class was a dream
I have never felt so awake in blissful realization

Ten girls in a spacious dormitory
We’ve never felt so trapped…
Soon the screams grow louder and draw closer
We huddled like a frightened flock in the cold

Aisha sniffs and begins to weep
Others seem drawn to her despair
And in no time, the weeping and wailing is in unison
Rivers of salt and a shudder, hopelessly waiting for the worst

The Matron’s scream can be heard across the hall
She must have thought to bully them
Like she always bullies us,
That obviously didn’t turn out as planned
Another scream and then silence.

The songs of the owls can be heard
The trees dance in tune as the wind chases its tail
Every breath, a careful draw
Aisha sniffs as Sarah whimpers
Darkness feeds off our terror and gains strength

Our worst nightmares have come to life
All the makings of a bad dream
I pinch myself, it hurts…sadly
I bite my lips so hard it bleeds, i have never been so scared

The footsteps fall echoes in the dark
Filling our mind and numbing our brains
The Monsters approach, cloaked in the shoal of death
Aisha and the choir let out a scream

Death laughs at our feeble attempt
Baring his broken teeth and reeking of burnt herbs
They smash the doors and Chaos ensues
They begin the harvest…

The Aventurine.

  1. Erado says:

    Nice..good touch with the rhymes also


  2. sebastine says:

    Ur piece shows to what extent that episode could be imagined. If all these are just imaginations how much more its reality?


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