Posted: May 6, 2014 in Melancholia


A mother sheds her salty tears
Flooding the earth in her misery
Each drop rife with pain and fears
Oceans rise to drink of her grief

Monsters came in the black of night
Completely clad in the shadows
To steal little stars shining bright
Is there no respite for the widows?

Radiant warmth and its soothing effect
The sound of laughter and joy
Is merely an echo of a time passed
Will her baby ever come back home?

Grandmother sits on the cold floor
Robbed of sight, sleep and sound
She weeps and wails, scratches and claws
A lonely death, cold shivers down her spine

The cock crows at first light
The quick and painful break of dawn
Waking up alone on their kingsize mat
The echo of heartbeats, another day gone

She walks to fetch her water pot
Dawn isn’t the only thing breaking
Her heart is in a million pieces
For this pain, there is no healing

The walk to the stream is longer
She had never walked it alone
The echo of her little voice lingers
The wind and trees offer a sad melody

Curse the night that hid the villains
Tears run down his once chubby cheeks
His princess used to kiss them pink
And giggle at the faces he made, baring his teeth

Days gone, his world stands still
Thoughts Unthinkable cross his mind
His little lamb, A den of wolves
He clings to her doll, her scent numbs his heart

Will his baby ever come back home?
He wonders if she is fed and warm
Sobbing like a babe, he bites his lips
Is there an end to the storm?

Can anyone hear me?
Is there anyone out there?
Id give it all and more…to have my baby back
The world surely has lost its spark.

The Aventurine.


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