Posted: April 21, 2014 in Euphoria


Sitting in this scanty bar, dimly lit
Nursing my fragile glass
Half filled with oblivion’s waters
Every sip offering a sobriety i do not really care for

This is a promise

Its quite confusing, you see
The more i indulge the sober i become
Reflections begin to take shape in my wary mind
My fuzzy brain begins to make and unmake

What is going on?
I came here to drown troubling thoughts
Not forge new ones out of empty nothingness
Finally, exhausted…my mind holds on to one fleeting thought

To The One who never left

She swam against the current of my rejection
All she gave was love and affection
Time and time again, i rained on her parade
Drowning her in oceans of pain

Armed with naught but hateful, hurtful words
Spewing from my unbridled tongue
I lashed and lashed
Stripping you bare and revealing your tender heart

Like a wood pecker, sits patiently pecking away at the bark
I pecked at your heart and broke your pride
Meeting you half way with cold passion
A freezing touch and a sober kiss

Through it all, hurt, hate, pain and tears
Your elastic heart stretched and stretched
Till it was at its breaking point
In a bid to accommodate my excesses

I bite my lip and shut my eyes
How could i have been so cruel?
How could she have been so true?
She and I, We used to be so cool

And i fell so far, taking lesson from Icarus
And landed so hard…breaking my back
And now i sit in an empty bar
Life seeps out of me like broth from a leaky cauldron

She used to be my moon and stars
Now the nights are long and dark
With daylight but a fleeting memory
In the deception i have created
Finding sleep in my bed of lies
and warmth in my blanket of untruth

Your love is always in my heart

When the thorns of life pierced the rosebud of my heart
And Disaster filled my dreams
When all i held dear was ripped from my arms
She stood her ground, firmly placed beside me

When i walked the deserts without an end
Parched, dried and dying of thirst
She led me to the oasis that gave me rest
And sat sweetly beside the well that gave me life
She is my redemption

I’m faded, no clue how i would have made it
But you kissed me and told me to take it
Downcast, you touched my face and told me to face it
The honey in the morning dew, you made me taste it

I will never let you part

I almost topple my chair
Feeling renewed and full of purpose
In a bid to rush out, i tip my glass
Relax…i catch it just in time
My waters of understanding
Too much knowledge has been wasted in this world already

I take a final gulp, more for the road ahead
The waiter walks behind me
Sir, you haven’t paid me yet
Ah!! I almost forgot
The vendor of the purest of waters must have his reward

I pay him in mints, crisp and new
I tell him to keep the change
He beams with joy and offers to carry my coat
I ward him off, as friendly as possible
I have urgent business to attend

I walk into the streets, the cool breeze kisses my flushed cheeks
I must hear her voice
I have so much to say, high walls to break
Wide rivers to cross, torn bridges to build

I reach for my phone and dial her number
That split second lasts for ages
Like the sound of a heartbeat drives you mad in the stillness of a memory
Each thump louder than the next

I will wait for you till time lays down to sleep…

The Aventurine.

  1. Maureen Chris says:

    Dammmmnnnnnn!!! Excellent!!! I love! I want! Felt like u were talkn bout me tho


  2. weasleyify says:

    Wow, nice. You hv to tell me her name though.


  3. krisbanks says:

    This some nyce sh** right here…. @some point I had to stop cos twas bringing bck memories I’ve suppressed


  4. Student girl says:

    Read it a million n one times. Its beautiful, I LOVE eet :-).

    FYI: Just got ur message(dung beetle)……. Thank u


  5. Rooqui says:

    Interestingly nice…kudos

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Mandy says:

    Watch out bro, u may nva knw wat d future holds, I stl rememba d good ol’ dayz. Nice 1, by far my favryt


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