Posted: April 21, 2014 in Odyssey


Broken my heart a dozen times yet for some reason I never learn
taking the highway’s consistent tones,birds chirping sweet lullaby’s been sung

Damaged beyond repair
I have come to terms with my inner demons
Lust is defined to me by love
trust has become a fading memory,why?

Depression no longer holds its sweet warmth
no comfort in solitude,the quietest of places holds the aura of a thousand lost souls
anger has become the new dream

What happened to peace?
why can’t I find calm?what have I done?
who have I become?
what if am a merely a fading memory?

Distractions can no longer hold me in high esteem
I hear voice telling me to let it go,wisdom and the quest for knowledge a daily obsession
More pleasurable than the love of a woman
Sex no longer holds the meaning it once held,my virginity spunned and waste like trash tossed into the abyss such memories once held like a grand gesture to the world

I am damaged beyond repair…… This is life
Pain is just a compromise,I needed u
I really did but now…you mean nothing to me
I think you are plain overrated

You nothing to me
Even with all you glitters,promises of a better tomorrow
I would surpass you and prove i am the better man

Am afraid to see true beauty
I can no longer decipher the puzzle of reality
The illusion, my new found obsession
In these lies I have found my depth
and strength in a quality I once despised

May the world gaze at your star and wish on your dreams
Like broken glasses, our dreams have become dented and shattered
Where I see horror, you see beauty
When I quake, you stand firm
Is there no end to this battle of wits?

Alas am forced to accept defeat
We are wayfaring souls in search of peace……..I would admit I am lost,and for the man who hasn’t lost his way I will loathe his victory.

The Amethyst.

  1. Rita says:

    My life’s piece.


  2. Rita says:

    Lol!! Did you write this?


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