Posted: April 19, 2014 in Odyssey


What right have u to judge a liar?
When you cannot fathom the reasons for the illusion
Some draw strength from keeping their vulnerability and childlike warmth

Ever notice has easy it is to be looked down upon?
How empty it feels when you’re alone
Love and peace two words dat bind us yet we are so sparingly attracted to hate and violence
All in the guise of nation building

I scratch my brain for even the deepest thoughts
What becomes of my illusion when i am not deep enough?
What happens when i finally wake up to the fact that life isnt a bed of roses?it scares me that even my highest points could be considered as someone’s lowest

What right have you to decide who should be poor?
They say a lazy man shouldn’t be fed
But what happens when hard work fails to offer its due satisfaction,are we then to compromise?

A million and one thoughts flutter through my mind,yet am uneasily calm as to the thoughts that reek of you
The still balance between insanity and the world I once knew………knowledge a powerful tool that can truly break a man’s resolve

Knowledge is like a glass of water
When half empty, a pessimist understands
When half full, an optimist believes
We strengthen ourselves with the harsh reality that man’s greatness rests upon him!

the Amethyst

  1. Maureen Chris says:

    Ok I must admit…. Was in awe wen I read dat… Dat was some true thoughts about d harsh realities of life


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