Posted: April 17, 2014 in Melancholia


Sniff scurries past, rattling my empty plate
He keenly studies the terrain grinding his teeth
Even crumbs have become scarce of late
He sniggers in derision and runs off, quite fast for a starving rat

My eyelids are heavy, sunk and sore
Its such a daunting task, opening them up
I guess i have to yeah, what a bore
Sweet death has ignored me once again

I stifle a yawn, it rocks my body head to feet
I shudder and feel my ribs press hard against my skin
Mental note, i should never do that again
I scratch my head and stare at my arms, long and thin

Barely a decade old, i already loathe this world
Abandoned by a mother who was raped by a stranger
My past as bleak as my present with a promise of an even bleaker future
Sniff has a less depressing story i’d wager

My throat is dry, my lips are cracked
I would cry if i could but i seem to have exhausted my tear drops
I stretch my arms and draw a deep breath, my lungs feel like they are on fire
The pain is sharp…i let out a scream, i cant even decipher my voice

I shudder, Cold night it seems
If i could feel my toes, i would have covered up with my tatters
I lost that privilege a few days ago
Now Sniff can help himself without me flinching
At least one of us can fill his stomach

I finally sit up, a few wasted calories later
My body aches but its a familiar pain
I can ignore it, for now
I have to leave this spot, i tell myself
It has been unyielding of late

But where do i go now?
Who is to say that alley is better than the next?
Even Sniff came back dejected yesterday
There is nothing out there

So i walk the streets, ageless and nameless
She forgot to name me before she went off with the wind
I pick my plate unsure of when the next meal would come
I should call me Hope, how fitting

Hope, what is hope with nothing to hold?
Every child should have a name
So i will clad myself in hope
Maybe fate would lend me its broken smile

I make it to my tired feet and wobbling knees
I am dizzy and my vision is blurred
There is no strength in these bones
No life in my flesh, i am wary of this mundane existence

Hope, the taste of each letter is foreign on my lips
I lick my parched lips…the pain is sharp
I take a step forward and all but lose my balance
I laugh and shake my head in pity

I finally walk to the middle of the road
Close my eyes and breathe slow
This is the spot, the perfect spot
From whence id meet my Maker

He better be ready with answers cos i am rife with questions
If He does exist, can He not see my broken heart
Or taste my salty tears
What on earth could i be guilty of?

That the world would greet me with this cold embrace
I lift my eyes and spot the rising sun
Thickly cloaked in dazzling splendor
Are there many more like me?
Hopelessly watching the rise of a million suns.

I hear the honk of an incoming vehicle
He speeds, i smile
I am about to make his life a living hell
Nothing close to the one i lead of course
I take another breathe, my very last i hope
Good bye cruel world, it was almost fun

i brace myself for impact.

The Aventurine.

  1. Ifreke says:

    I like the end…COLD…suits the story just right! This is the first one I like! 😀


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