Posted: March 21, 2014 in Odyssey


Like a sprinter sees a track
Licks his lip and draws a cold breath
He shudders, surprisingly
This is a race like none other before it

It is not fear that grips him
No, a heightened sense of things
A glance at the mountain
Send cold shivers down his spine

He is not oblivious of the path ahead
The road to fame, glory and renown
Lies strewn with bumps, pebbles and thorns
These will test the traveller’s resolve

First we sleep in this melee and disorder
Then we dream, sieving the straightened from the skewed
And when we wake to dawn’s tired yawns
Key steps we take

Alas, scheming and planning has brought him thus far
Standing in David’s shoes
Staring at Goliath’s belt
What monstrosity he beholds

Thou shall not pass it mocks
And beyond, the level he would rather be
He strokes his chin, how Lilliputian of him
Says softly to myself…i have come thus far

As Gold is tested with flames
His mettle has found its fire
Will it crumble and melt in this furnace?
Or cross over purer and unscathed.

He is not afraid, forget the shivers
He will not be shaken, ignore the dryness in his throat
He will cross this river, overlook the hydrophobia
He breaks a sweat and stutters, it is nothing

This load seems heavy
I hope his back is steady?
The path seems daunting
And filled with shadows haunting

I am prepared for this, he says
Why are my hands shaking?
I have waited for this
Why are my palms sweaty?

His armor is prepped and ready
His sword mirrors the sun
The rising war cries, his blood boils at the sound
The echo from the fields fill his heart

I will walk out and conquer, He say
Run loose and plunder
Sights set on the things he needs to see
He draws deep breaths

This is a ritual
The insomnia is natural
When a new path lies ahead of him
Sleep takes willing leave of him

Its time to talk to the Creator
I hear that noisy cock at first light
Its time to talk to the Sovereign
He can make me more than i am

With Heavy knees and troubled heart
I lift overwhelming burdens skywards
When i rise from this
Big boots my little feet will fill.

The Aventurine.

  1. richard says:

    well crafted and cool…..nice one


  2. otabsky says:

    Nice.. Inspired in imagery and style to some extent by Spartacus


  3. otabsky says:

    Very nice.. Inspired somewhat in imagery and style by Spartacus?


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