Posted: March 17, 2014 in Dark Poetry


What wrong have i wrought?
Its the Light who left you
And i who chose to stay
Yet i am the one to blame

You blame me because of the creatures i harbor
None other would have them
It is in my goodwill i offer them succor

If Light is everything bright and beautiful
Where does that leave me?
Before him, i was…u know
Is there no good in me?

I remind you fragile things to sleep
Lest you lose yourselves
Waste in exhaustion
Leaving bones to reap the harvest

Would the seed sprout without dying?
There is no life absent death
Will a coin tossed to the skies not fall?
There is no Up absent down

Summer and Winter, Fire and Ice
Cold and Warmth, Day and Night
Love and Hate, Black and White
I am a being like any other

Why do i inspire so much fear
This is me, harmless as a dove
Light is your lover and friend
You forget, there is no light without me

When we clash and strife
What we make is magic
Paintings on walls, art from nothing
Shadows, they call it

My touch is not cold and distant
Do you not feel my embrace?
The Ice and Chill that creeps in
The Wind is to blame

This is my outcry, painfully misunderstood
This is the cloak i was left to bear
Cheated by my brother
I am Dark and He is Light.

The Aventurine.

  1. Pee says:

    I like. If this is original work then I’m impressed. Sadly, not many young minds appreciate poetry these days.


  2. Maureen Chris says:

    Now diz is ma all time favourite, I kinda relate 2 it…sumfin special bout it…


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